Q7 4L S-line

True to the motto of “everything or nothing", the car styling specialist from Leingarten, Germany, customizes the Q7 s-Line to create an impressive car. In addition to the muscular wide body kit, which makes this Audi look even more powerful, JE DESIGN is also offering a performance enhancement, new rims and an electronically lowered suspension.

JE DESIGN lends the Audi Q7 S-Line greater width and an awesome-looking stance. The styling kit includes two ( left / right ) impressive front spoiler edges which helps to reduce lift. It can also lend the Q7 S-Line greater prestige when overtaking. JE DESIGN enhances the appearance of the rear end by equipping the Q7 S-Line with a new tailgate skirt attachment, which incorporates diamond-shaped openings on the right and left. In each of these openings belongs a JE DESIGN dual tailpipe from made permanently shiny, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

The upper part of the rear end is also spectacular, which JE DESIGN adorns with a wing spoiler tail fin including a C- pillar trim. A feature that is sure to get heads turning. The same also applies to the JE DESIGN fender flare kit "WIDE BODY", for which matching door panels are also available. In front of the rear fenders, air inlets lend the car a sportier look, without appearing “plump". JE DESIGN is offering the muscular look as a complete body-styling kit which is cheaper than buying all single parts piece by piece.
Top quality, innovative engineering and a elegant design are the features of this exclusive SUV-wheel. The wheel is especially made for the heavy SUVs of the Volkswagen group like the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and VW Touareg.

It‘s made in the dimension 10 x 22" and in color versions SMVP black matt / front polished are available.

With the bolt circle of 5/130, an offset of 55 and a fix bored center hole a perfect mounting with the original wheel- bolts is guaranteed. Also available are special optional wheel spacers (front 60 mm, rear 80mm) to complement the use of the OEM wheel arches for that ever so perfect fit and look.

The fine figure of the JE DESIGN Q7 S-Line is rounded off by an electronically lowered suspension, which the car customizer from Leingarten offers for cars with air suspension and which finally helps the JE DESIGN Q7 to morph into a true racing SUV. Lowering for cars with standard suspenion is also available and of course JE DESIGN offers for almost all engine versions a power upgrade kit.

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Q7 4L S-line

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