SQ7/Q7 S-Line 4M

JE DESIGN equips the SQ7 and Q7: widebody styling kit, wheels and performance boost for Audi's luxury SUV

• Widebody kit makes the SQ7 and Q7 a real eye- catcher
• Additional unit pushes V8 Tri-Turbo TDI in the SQ7 to 522 hp
• 22-inch wheels create sophisticated appearance

JE DESIGN is floating on a wave of success – and is completely in vogue with its bold widebody styles. After the specialists from Leingarten caused a sensation with widebody solutions for large SUV models from Volkswagen, they've now tackled a particularly large chunk from Audi: the brand-new SQ7 and Q7 S-line, introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show. Available immediately, JE DESIGN is offering a complete body kit, red-hot wheel sets and a hefty increase in performance for the Ingolstadt heavyweight.

The widebody styling kit, specially designed for the Q7 4M (from 2015 on), adds considerable emphasis to the already massive, innately design language of the largest Audi SUV, thus ensuring a unique and spectacular appearance on the road. The "Widebody" aerodynamic kit consists of a front apron, fender extensions, side skirts, rear skirt insert, roof spoiler and rear spoiler lip.. The components fit the 435 hp/320 kW- strong Audi SQ7 as well as all Q7 versions with the S-Line exterior.

In addition, customers at JE DESIGN who drive a Q7 S-line can choose between two possible tailpipe variants and decide on either the quadrangular version (dimensions 105 x 85 mm) or optionally select the round version with 100 millimeters in diameter. Both versions are designed as dual tailpipes with a duplex arrangement. For towing applications, the Q7 remains ideal: The original trailer hitch can also be used with widebody kit.

In order to adequately fill the space in the wheel houses caused by the fender extensions, JE DESIGN offers matching complete wheel sets. These measure 10 x 22 inches including tires in the dimension 295/30 R22 and special adapter spacers..

Thus, the refiner from Swabia impressively underlines the powerful and elegant attitude of the broad-shouldered luxury SUV. This will be sure to capture astonished glances from other drivers on the road.

Of course, the Leingarteners match the inner values to the powerful exterior of the Q7 widebody. A performance enhancement to 522 hp/384 kW is already in preparation for the V8 Tri-Turbo TDI in the sporty SQ7. In addition, JE DESIGN offers a performance enhancement for the 3.0-liter TDI. Thanks to the additional unit, the diesel six-cylinder manages 326 hp/240 kW and 685 Nm of torque. With the production model, the values are 272 hp/200 kW and 600 Nm. This represents an increase of 54 hp and 85 Nm. JE DESIGN offers the performance enhancement including a two-year warranty on engine, driveline and transmission (after initial registration).

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SQ7/Q7 S-Line 4M

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