Seat Leon 5F SC FR (incl. Cupra) Widebody I (no rear diffusor)


Seat Leon 5F SC FR (incl. Cupra) Widebody I (no rear diffusor)
€ 4.848,14
€ 4.848,14

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Seat Leon 5F SC FR (incl. Cupra) Widebody I (no rear diffusor)

JE DESIGN Aero KIT WIDEBODY Seat Leon 5F SC FR + Cupra not for cars with ACC (wheel sensor in the front)

consisting of:

JE5F21MCU frontbumper cover middle
JE5F21LCU frontbumper cover left with RLV u. aluminium mesh frame
JE5F21RCU frontbumper cover right with RLV u. aluminium mesh frame
JE5F15VL RLV front left side with JE DESIGN WIDEBODY Logo
JE5F15VR RLV front right side with JE DESIGN WIDEBODY Logo
JE5F25SCCL side skirts left and right, carbon-Look ( with 2 cut-outs on bottom-side )
JE5F15SCHL-1 RLV left back side 1
JE5F15SCCUHL-2 RLV left back side 2, with aluminium mesh
JE5F15SCHR-1 RLV right back side 1
JE5F15SCCUHR-2 RLV right back side 2 with aluminium mesh

With the wheel arche extension ( RLV ) , there is enough space for wheels up to 9.5 x 19 OS 30 m. 255/30 R 19 front and

Modification at the wheel arches depends of the usage of tyre / wheel combination, and the way of lowering.

Material: fibreglass-reinforced polyester
Enclosed mounting material: Adhesive, lattice insert
Mounting: Aero Kit will be glued on the car

Je Design

The company JE DESIGN was founded in 1990 by Jochen Eckelt in Heilbronn. In 1992 the company became "JE DESIGN construction and sale of vehicles and tuning parts LTD ". In 1994 the company was working exclusively on the VW range and then in 1996 we expanded to include Audi. 1996 saw us complete our programme with the inclusion of the SEAT range. In 1997/98 we moved to new premises in Heilbronn-Horkheim due to the increasing demand for our products on the international market. All departments - model building / moulding / workshops / stores / despatch / management and sales were located at the 430 sq. metre adress. At the German Motor Show in Essen we introduced our first "own design" wheel that was the 2 piece "Visage " available in 16" and 17" and various witdhs. A steady increase in demand for our quality products meant we needed larger premises and we moved in October 2002 to the 74211 Leingarten Industrial Estate where we now have a floor space of 3000 sq. metres which gives us a greatly increased warehouse capacity and thus increases our service efficiency. Technical development, modelling and forming tools are still located at our Heilbronn-Horkheim site. We expanded our proramms in 2000 to include the areas of car interiors and exhaust systems. From the beginning of 2001 we have developed one-piece wheels in 15" and 17" as well as now being able to offer performance engine tuning.

In 2005 we presented our new Multispoke wheel in the sizes 17", 18" and 19". The wheel is available in 4 colors and fits for the most current Seat, VW and Audi cars.

2008 we launched another highlight - the 22" SUV-Select wheel wich is availabel in 3 colors and especially developed for VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.
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