Touareg 7P

The JE Design wide arch body kit provides a completely new style for the Touareg, with a new sports grill, front spoiler, wheel arch kit, rear apron insert, roof spoiler and tailgate panel. All the components are designed for precise fit, manufactured in Polyurethane (PU) and are supplied ready-primed. The appearance of the front end is further enhanced by the JE Design auxiliary light set.

The widebody kit is developed to accommodate not only the standard Touareg, but also the "Chrome & Style" and "Terrain-Style" versions. The tow hitch can also be used and the different Volkswagen tailpipes can be retained if desired. Alternatively, JE Design offers dual twin-90mm stainless steel exhaust pipes.
JE Design equips the Wolfsburg vehicle with its SUV-Select design, 10x22 inch aluminium wheels. A wheel spacer kit (30mm front, 40mm rear) ensures that the wheels fill the extended arches to optimum effect. The wheels are available in four different finishes: shadow silver with a polished front surface, matt black with a matt silver front surface, graphite shiny silver with polished rim and matt graphite silver with polished rim. However, custom painted wheels are also available at extra cost, so that every Touareg owner can customize his vehicle to his own taste.

Of course, JE Design will provide the respective TÜV approval for each component. Additionally, despite the performance increase, the Touareg is still in compliance with emission regulations.

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Touareg 7P

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